Lynx - Shopping - 0:60 (2004) (UK)


Lynx - Shopping - 0:60 (2004) (UK)

also known as "getting dressed"

agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty



What is this, a tribute to 50 First Dates? The song's been lifted from there, as well as the idea (although given the Lynx treatment). I suppose it's easier than coming up with anything original. When is inspiration simply plagiarism?

How is the idea lifted from 50 first dates? I don't recall Drew and Adam getting dressed on their way back to the original meeting point in that film......???

Well, both sets of characters wake up next to each other, and then there's some kind of explanation of how it happened (in the movie via a video / journal etc - here by way of flashback). What with the song and everything, you can't tell me the basic idea wasn't ripped off as well. If that movie wasn't the "inspiration" behind this ad I'll eat my shorts.

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