Müller Wünderful Stuff- (2011) :90 (UK)


Müller Wünderful Stuff- (2011) :90 (UK)

TBWA London launched this 90 second advert for Müller's Yogurt on the X Factor show on ITV.
It stars famous 2D characters such as Yogi Bear, Muttley and the Mister Men, and opens with KITT getting a ticket. That will not do, says the Müller bot who attacks and transforms the parking attendent. This is very odd, but a million times better than hearing that Nina Simone song abut arms and legs again. Mmm. I'm kinda hungry for yogurt now, but afraid I might turn into Betty Boop.

Müller Wünderful Stuff.

Agency TBWALondon
Executive creative director Andre Laurentino
Creative directors Mike Nicholson and Paul Pateman
Agency producer Jason Ayers
Production company Partizan Lab
Director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
DoP Glynn Speekaert
Animation director Mustashrik Mahbub
Production company producers David Stewart, Isabella Paris, Henry Schofield
Editor Bill Smedly @ Work Post
Post production The Mill


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