Mac Banners Are Front Page Material


Mac Banners Are Front Page Material

Edit by Dabitch: For those of you that missed seeing the ad in action - here it is:

credits! Ad created by the TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Ben Foushee, Mad River Post : Editor
Lee Clow : Chief Creative Officer
Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum : Executive Creative Director
Jason Sperling : Creative Director
Chuck Monn, Jamie Reilly : Associate CD / Art Director
Krista Wicklund, Kevin Tenglin : Senior Copywriter
Serena Auroux, Joannah Bryan : Agency Producer
Director : Phil Morrison
Production Company: Epoch Films
Lead Interactive Designer - Ryan Conlan
DoP - Peter Donahue
Post Co - Mork and Lys: Brandon Sanders
Post Co - Company 3: Stefan Sonnenfeld



I do like this banner campaign, they are entertaining in their little Mac vs PC way. And they don't run that often so when a new one shows up you actually pay attention (as they buy the front of major newspapers too). Few advertisers could do that, even if they did smart use of several banners, they might not have people turn on the noise like we do with these.

Clever use of digital space is the key to great online campaigns such as these.

Clever use of digital space is like clever use of any space. The novelty will soon wear off if you don't have a strong campaign idea first. Apple has a strong campaign idea, and this just proves that strong ideas travel media well.

Agreed. What I meant was that moving out of the standard banner space is a good way to do more with a campaign thought online.

I actually posted my comment before I'd finished writing it and decided not to edit. And Wham is playing in the office, so I'm distracted (and not in a good way). If that's any excuse!

Kill your office-mates. Wham is not tolerable.

It's not the main reason I'm quitting, but it's one of them!

I'm loving these ads. I'm not from there but I've notice that Apple is hittin NYC harder than anywhere I've ever been. If feels like Apple has completely taken over the subway system w/ so many adds.

The sub does look better!

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Hahaha, thank the art director at TBWA/Chiat for beautifying the NYC subway?

Just remember to "Wake me up, before you go go...", as you leave.... :-)

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