Stop-motion animation created by brazilian agency Casa Darwin using 350 thousand Post-it® notes on the facade of the Galeria Melissa, in São Paulo, Brazil, to launch the Melissa Power of Love spring/summer 2012 collection.Twenty-five animators worked for 5 months to create this piece, that more than just a beautiful short film documented a surprise: more than 30 thousand spontaneous love messages left by Melissa fans and visitors. That's the power of love that Melissa creates.

Director: Cesar Cabral Creative Director: Rodrigo Leão Art Director: Rodrigo Leão Agency Producer: Casa Darwin Planner: Márcio Cócaro Sound: Loop Reclame

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    I was simply blown away! clever, awesome, creative! I just wonder how long it took them to finish this clip.

    Sep 14, 2011

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