Broke in December 2004
Shot on location in New York, NY

Executive Producer: Ginger Myers
Art Director: Tom Millar
Copywriter: Marc Guttesman
Director: Joe Leih
Director of Photography: Brian O'Carroll
Editor: Justin Quagliata, Earth2Mars
Production Designer: Dorothy DiComo
Costume Designer: Heather Chaffee
Colorist: Carlos Rodriguez, Moving Images
Sound Design and Mix: Tom Lino, FlickerLab
Motion Graphics Designer: Scott Clements

Cast (in order of appearance):
Homeless Man: Daryl Brown
Marc Guttesman: Peter Esmond
Tom Millar: Nick Basta
Student: Ryan Simpkins
Prostitute: Alison Weller
Judge: Mark H. Lucas
Restaurant Patron: Margot Bercy
Restaurant Patron: Scott Van Tuyl
Voiceover: Jane Beller

See earlier article about this ad Creatives launch PSA in December 2004.

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