Marcum is the largest independent accounting and advising company in the country. They have all the answers and you do not. Which means you are a loser, doomed to spend your mail room days fantasizing about--what, exactly? In Marcum's world their are two types of people: smarmy assholes who are successful and losers like the woman who fantasizes about being on her own private jet (being a smarmy asshole of course) but cursed to live out her days in the middle row purgatory of the economy section and the star of this spot, who desperately wants to be the important Silicon Valley Guy on the scooter dropping billions on UXBrosives and barking orders for a ginger-kale smoothie instead of dropping off Fedex packages for cubeland. It's a good thing he didn't use Marcum. He may not be rich but at least he's humble. Props to the match cut camera work and casting here. Doesn't make me want to use Marcum but I like this is by far the best spot in the campaign.

Client: Marcum LLP
CEO Jeffrey M. Weiner
CMO Bruce Ditman
Agency: The Gate | New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Bernstein
Associate Creative Directors: Charles Chang, Scott Singow
Producer: Bob Shriber
Production House: MJZ Productions
Director: Phil Joanou
Executive Producer: Kate Lahey
Producer: Paul Manix
Editing House: The Cutting Room
Editor: Chuck Willis
Executive Producer: Susan Willis
Account Management/Strategy:
President/Chief Strategy Officer: Beau Fraser
Account Executive: Alexander Barrett