MarkenFilm - Fast Forward - (1996) 0:45 (Germany)

This ad appeared exclusively on a SHOTS reel back in 1996 and nodded to all the creatives who spent countless horurs fast forwarding through the sponsors ads on the the reels to get to the "good stuff" which may have included the shots girls, if you were the type to fancy them.

HELLO FROM MARKENFILM... spelled out as you fast forwarded past the ad.

agency: Springer & Jacoby
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That was very cool. Tv/Cable companies should figure out how to do this to DVr's to slip ads in when people fast forward.

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I thought they already did that? I could've sworn I wrote an article about TiVo fast-forward ads a few years back.

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SUDDENLY THIS NEEDS TO BE POINTED OUT AGAIN, because of this funny tweet. :)

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Oh! and this! the 2013 Belgian version too