Mass Mutual, the life insurance, retirement plans, disability income insurance, long term care insurance and more company, shows us gay couples discussing their future in their most recent campaign. Created by Mullen and shot by Nonfiction Unlimited, who have a roster of documentary film directors onboard. The campaign interviews couples of varying ages, and some of the 60's are cuter than the 4 minute edit. Jeanne and Sheila tell of the surprise wedding party their beach community threw them, while William and Eddie claim both to be "Boring" and "Irish, Jewish and ticklish". Fess up, you're not boring. Meanwhile Michelle and Saudia are the ones who show us some of the reasons you'd be saving with Mass Mutual, as Michelle has MS and should anything happen to her, she wants her wife taken care of. This doesn't come out in the 4 minute edit, and while some find it a really emotional ad, it fails to move me. The couples are very cute and all, Billy & Payton and Julia & Em seem perfect matches, and the topic of gay marriage is fresh - but the single interviews do a better job of showing couples planning to care for each other. Which is what Mass Mutual sells.

Client: Mass Mutual Ad agency: Mullen Production co: Non Fiction Unlimited