Massive Attack - Flat of the Blade - (2010) 5:30


Massive Attack - Flat of the Blade - (2010) 5:30

We're getting a lot more music videos submitted recently, this pleases me immensely as I think it's a great way for directors to show off their stuff (that isn't spec), but makes me regret putting music videos together with "show promos" as topic, which I did back when the submissions of videos dried up. This gem for Massive Attack is shot and directed by photographer Ewen Spencer, and the Heligoland film series.


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Record Label: Virgin Music
Commissioner: Svana Gisla

Production Company: Black Dog Films, London
Director: Ewen Spencer
Executive Producer: Svana Gisla
Producers: Ewen Spencer and Margo Mars
DPs: Ewen Spencer and Finn Taylor
Editor: Julian Eguiguren
TK grade: Mark Horrobin @ Big Buoy
Online: Emily Irvine @ Big Buoy


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