Fun Hedgehog family enjoys eating their fruit flavor jelly treats. I will stop and watch anything if Aardman has done it.

Producer: Stephanie Owen
Directors: Karni Arieli and Saul Freed
AGENCY: Fallon
Producer: Celestine Hall
Art Director: Rick Gayton
Copywriter: Darren Beresford
Creative Director: Cameron Mitchell
Creative Director: Elliot Harris
Production Manager: Kevin Harwood
Production Coordinator: Caroline Hague
Storyboard Artist: Rob Richards
Phonetic Breakdown: Christ Stock
Set Design: Alfred Lupia
Set Design: Aurelian Predal
Photoshop Artist: Jim Grant
Set Build: Whirlwind Media
Prop Maker: Scary Cat Studio
Prop Maker: Laura Savage
Set Dresser/Prop Maker: Sam Holland
Modelmaker: Christ Entwistle
Modelmaker: Sarah Edwards
Modelmaker: Gary Losh
Modelmaker: George Watson
Director of Photography: Tristan Oliver
Camera Assistant: Jeremy Hogg
Electrician: Toby Farrar
Animator: Darren Thomson
Animator: Andy Shackleford
Rigger: Simon Peeke
Composting Supervisor: Bram Ttwheam
Compositor: Fernando Lechuga
Compositor: Fabrizio Ghizo
Editor: Dan Hembery

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