Because I have reached the age where I am now an official sucker for babies (this doesn't happen at a specific age, this happens once you have them, just ask my ex-copywriter who had kids ten years before me and wore a sucker-smile at any decent baby ad while I rolled my eyes at him) I am going to ignore the waste of petrol in dads constant circling around the McDonald's here. Dad has a sleeping baby in the back, and really wants breakfast but if he stops the car, the baby will wake. McDonald's morning crew catch on to his dilemma and manage to get him his McMuffin - yeay. No telling what dad will do if he finds a red light or a stop sign along the way. I'm ignoring that too.

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  • dhood's picture

    Me again ;)

    Sep 26, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    You're our own little Hollywood. :) Good to see you again!

    Sep 29, 2010