McDonald's makes almost two minutes of ball-tricking fun to celebrate the world cup and, well, I guess just to show us trick goals. Bonus points for the little freckled lad also doing an awesome victory dance, by jove I want to adopt him on the spot. Also bonus points for the leggy lady who can do these tricks wearing platform heels, I want to be her, or at least have her shoes. What does this have to do with hamburgers and fries you ask...? Everything! At McDonald's you always get to play games with your food, and that's what they want to you to do here. Make your own GOL's, just download the app, and use the McDonald's fry box as a goal. It's an augmented reality thing. Not sure how the game works, still utterly hypnotized by the ball-trickery in the ad. Is it just me or have the FIFA world cup ads totally overtaken the Super bowl ads in reach, creativity and love for the game being played?

Client: McDonald's

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