McDonalds "McFlurry" (2013) :30 (France)


McDonalds "McFlurry" (2013) :30 (France)

Pysop directs this lovely Coke-Happiness-esque spot for McDonalds France. I wish American spots looked this cool.

Client: McDonald's
Agency: TBWA
General Manager: David Leclabart
Account manager: Matthéo Pressmar
Group manager: Bertrand Regnier-Vigouroux
Creative Director: Jean-François Goize
Creative Director, food: Maud Poilpré
TV Producer: Elise Gamboa

Director: Psyop
Creative Director: Anh Vu, Laurent Barthelemy
Executive Producer Michael Neithardt
Producer: Ave Carrillo
Designers: Anh Vu, Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim, Samantha Ballardini, Mike Lee, Denny Khurniawan, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Ian Cox, Hyesung Park, Jon Saunders

Storyboard Artist Mike DeWeese, Ben Chan

Production: WIZZdesign
Producer: Amélie Couvelaire
Post-producer, Wizzdesign: Betty Bertrand
Post-Production: Digital District
Post-Producteurs, Digital District: Christelle Prud'homme, Cédric Herbet
Supervisor 3D: Benoit Revillod
Matt Painting: Remi Wyart

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want to know the BGM of this ads! I love the souds :D

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