McDonald's - Open all night billboard - Outdoor - (2012)


McDonald's - Open all night billboard - Outdoor - (2012)

McDonald's shows us how their "Open all night" reflective billboard works. By day, nothing. All white. Tremendously ad-free. By night it'll appear like a ghostly text enticing you to come get a coffee before you swerve off the road. It might not be the the pedestrian ghost levels of slam-on-your-breaks dangerous, but I'm pretty sure that sign would be non-kosher in Norway, where they regularly ban the H&M underwear ads for luring drivers into the ditch.

Pretty clever tho.

Ad Agency: Cossette
Client: McDonald's (Canada)
Creative Director: Rob Sweetman
Creative Director: Bryan Collins
AD: Addie Gillespie and Mia Thomsett
CW: Addie Gillespie
CW: Mia Thomsett
Producer: April Haffenden


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