McDonald's - We Love To See You File


McDonald's - We Love To See You File

In case you haven't been following the news lately, McDonald's has been hit with yet another idiotic lawsuit - this time by tubby teens claiming that the fast food chain forced them to overeat. Read the Smoking Gun papers here. Of course, if these gorging ignoramuses (ignorami?) were to win, they'd just go and spend their newfound wealth on more supersized goodies, so for their own benefit, we hope the court throws out the case.

And McDonald's isn't alone on this. This weekend, an unlikely ally has sprung up from the grill to help defend McDonald's in a way that the fast food behemoth wouldn't dare do themselves - It's Saturday Night Live to the rescue! SuperAdGrunts, click continue to feast your eyes on this most newsworthy and anomalous commercial parody...



Kudos!!! Oh wait, they're fattening too. Nuts. Oh. Never mind.

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