This is all I know about Italy: Everything there tastes awesome except the tap water. The little kids in their Sunday best are the most adorable kids in the world. Italian men are taken to a masonic hair-dressing club as they come of age, and are taught everything they need to know about hair-products in a secret ritual so you will never find an Italian man with a hairdo that doesn't suit him. Also, bars and clubs have the worst taste in music ever, and it has unfortunately spread to the advertising case studies.
That said, this is a clever way of letting people know when they've had one drink too many to drive - the urinal alco-tester or pissalyser if you will. From this case study I've also learned that Italian men actually use the urinals right next to another man, and aren't shy about tapping their neighboring fellow urinator on the shoulder - that would never happen in America where which urinal to choose in a bathroom has etiquette rules so complicated Japanese tea ceremonies envy it.

Agency: Publicis Client: McFarland Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini Copywriter: Michele Picci Art Director: Marco Vigano Director: Fabrizio Squeo

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