This spot wants you to imagine a world without crime. In this case, a shadowy figure lurking under a tunnel is actually just a maintenance worker. Crime Stoppers have been around for decades in British Colombia. Their aim is to encourage people to say something if they see something. namely by anonymously submitting tips to, via text at BCTIPS-27463 or by calling 1-800-222-8477. And while that is a great cause, the "imagine a world without," is as familiar as "don't you wish everything was made like," as a direction. What's worse there's a bit of a disconnect with the main idea. The whole spot is a misdirect. No crime ever happens. The woman is never in danger. It seems like there should have been VO on here to at least say something like "we'd all love to live in a world without crime, but.." or "until we can live in a world without crime there's..." basically it's just needing a thought to tie it all together, I think.

Client: Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers
Agency: DDB Vancouver


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