Los Cabos was hit by a hurricane on September 14th, 2014. But Los Cabos is as unstoppable as ever. This spot features real life locals getting ready for the day, just like always. The resilient spirit and dedication to friendly tourism is still very much alive and well.

Client: Mexico Tourism Board Agency: Lapiz Leo Burnett Associate Creative Director: Travis Klausmeier Associate Creative Director: Bruno Pieroni EVP Managing Director: Gustavo Razzetti VP Strategy Director: Felipe Cabrera Strategic Planner: Isabella Villalobos Marketing Director: Emmanuel Rey Marketing Director: Gerardo Llanes Marketing Coordinator: Blanca Carrera CEO: Rodolfo Lopez Negrete EVP CCO: Laurence Klinger SVP ECD: Fabio Seidl Producer: Valeria Maldini SVP Head of Strategy: Diego Figueroa Production Company: Believe Media Director: Jeffrey Darling Executive Producer: Mark O'Sullivan Producer: Rob Newman Post Production Company: Whitehouse Post Sound Production Company: Earhole Music Company: Ramblin Man

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