The other day when a big truck rolled past with those michelin man lights on top of it, I turned to my daughter and confessed I've always wanted one of those as a night light to which she responded by giving me her best 3-year old "Mom's crazy" roll-eye. She's getting way too good at that.

But he's a fascinating tire-guy, those with a fetish for the man who - until recently - wasn't ashamed of his love handles should pop over to truly deeply to see the Michelin man evolution, and remember his name is Bibendum. I call dibs on that first Sumo-Michelin he has as top image! In 2007 Michelin slimmed down a bit, and now he's getting pumped too.

So pumped he can save a town held hostage by an evil gas pump. Yeah, I went there.

This is Michelin's first global campaign.

While creating a link with the grand tradition of Michelin advertising – in particular its powerful posters from the first half of the 20th century – the brand has chosen a 3-D animated presentation for its new advertising campaign.
It features Bibendum – the famed Michelin Man – in an animated world. As ambassador of the Michelin brand, he comes to the aid of motorists in trouble, replacing their faulty tires with Michelin tires that he pulls from his body, thereby enabling them to keep driving.
The worldwide campaign will launch initially in the United States and then be gradually deployed in 55 countries – in Europe and Asia in early 2010, followed by Africa, the Middle East, India and South America.
Client: Michelin Brand: Michelin Title: Evil Gas Pump Creative Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York Chairman & CCO: Mark Figliulo
ACD/Art Director: Anthony DeCarolis
ACD/Copywriter: Erik Fahrenkopf Executive Producer Media Arts: Matt Bijarchi Director of Broadcast Production: Ozzie Spenningsby Senior Producer: Jason Souter Production: Psyop Director: Psyop
Creative Director: Marie Hyon/Marco Spier Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Senior Producer: Lydia Holness
Producer: Lisa Munoz
Lead Designers: Anh Vu, Helen Choi Designers: Kitty Lin, Jaye Kim, Ben Chan, Pete Sickbert-Bennett Lead Technical Director: Tony Barbieri Lead CG Animator: Pat Porter CG Animators: Gooshun Wang, Royce Wesley, Kevin Phelps, Michael Shin, Angelo Collazo, Russ Wooton Lead Ligthing TD: Anthony Patti CG Lighters: Cody Chen, Szymon Weglarski, Helen Choi, Jeff Chavez CG Modelers: Soo Hee Han, Tom Cushwa, Rie Ito, Tony Jung, Dan Fine CG Rigging: Goo-shun Wang, Stanley Llin, Jordan Blit FX: Miguel Salek, Jonah Friedman Lead Compositor: Jason Conradt Compositors: Manu Gaulot, Gabriel Regentin Editorial: Psyop Editor: Cass Vanini Mix: Sound Lounge Sound Engineer – Philip Loeb Sound Design: Sound Lounge Sound Designer- Marshall Grupp Producer: Martia Guinn 
Music: Human Composer: Human Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss

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  • smizzly_bob's picture

    Yep. If you just change your tires you'll never need to put gas in your car! I remember when this fairy story came up more than a year ago, and now Michelin is perpetuating it.

    Dec 14, 2009

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