Golf has been part of the Olympics in more than 112 years. But now its back, starting in Rio. This spot humorously celebrates golf's return by juxtaposing the quiet delicateness of a golfer with the usual over-the-top football (futbol, soccer, whatever) announcer. Quite silly. Love it.

Client Michelob Ultra
Agency: FCB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
VP, Creative Director: Josh Hurley
VP, Creative Director: Andy Kohman
Art Director: Johnross Post
Copywriter: Matt Everts
Art Director: Conor Clarke
Senior Producer: Chris Wickman
SVP Group Management Director: Melanie Hellenga
VP, Management Director: Kiska Howell
VP, Strategic Planning Director: Tom Hehir
Roman Mendez, Director of Motion Design
Derek Viramontes, Motion Designer
Ilsa Misamore, Editor
Jason Ryan, Audio Engineer

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