As part of its #MakeWhatsNext campaign, in time for International Women's Day, Microsoft asked young girls what they would like to do when they grow up. They answered in everything from medicine to science to technology and more. Then Microsoft gave them a glimpse of the future in a VR headset. Then they pulled the plug on their dreams and told them good luck with that. Because only 6.7% of American women, and 16% globally ever graduate with STEM degrees. The girls are crestfallen but not beaten and vow to be those ones to do it because no one is going to stop them. Nor should any one stop them.
What I don't understand from this ad is exactly who or what is preventing so many of them graduating with STEM degrees. The spot wants me to visit Make What's Next presumably to find out. But if you go there, the site is primarily designed to get girls to learn computer science which is understandable. While I don't doubt Microsoft's noble intentions here, I do think throwing a negative statistic in young girls' faces, after inspiring them, is not a great way to keep them inspired. They don't even ask why that statistic exists. How effectively can a problem be solved without naming the root cause?

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