Midttrafik - The Bus - (2012) 1:30 Denmark (English VO)


Midttrafik - The Bus - (2012) 1:30 Denmark (English VO)

How do you get more people to take the bus? Make it cool man, and nothing is cooler than everything filmed in slow motion. Just ask Carlton Draught.

Production Company: M2Film
Producer: Ronni Madsen and Jan P.
Advertised brand: Midttrafik
Advert title(s): The Bus
Translation of headline to English: The Bus
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Midttrafik Kommunikation, Aarhus, Denmark 

Agency website: http://midttrafik.dk
Director: Marc Wilkins
Project type: TVC
Copywriter: Thomas Falkenberg
Animation/VFX/Design: Duckling



I've looked at m2film and they have made some of the best commercial I have ever seen.
Something happens in little Denmark!

The world's best commercial http://www.m2film.dk/#/Highlight-10/?id=9321

-also check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNfe6K1yjTs&feature=relmfu

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