Mike's hard lemonade invites you, and everyone else angry at being stuck in the office, to a summer break with an inapproriately dressed bear. It's a yellow bikini. We all know that only yellow polka dot bikinis are acceptable office-wear.

Rooster and Grey have just released a new spot for Mike's Hard Lemonade - This one having an inapproriately dressed bear, yellow bikini under her dress, smashing her cubicle and tearing her office apart for having to spend her days there.
The new spot was released in time for MHL's new promotion, the "Bear in a Bikini" contest, which will have a lucky winner and friend flown down to South Beach, FL for Labor Day, where they will be treated to a cabana on the beach, VIP transportation around town, and the chance to take out any cubicle-induced stress out in a makeshift office once in FL, accompanied by the inapproriately dressed bear.

Mike's Hard Lemonade x Rooster x Grey Bear in a Bikini: 30 Client: Mike’s Hard Lemonade Sanjiy Gajiwala: Director of Marketing Alex Levine: Social Media Marketing Coordinator Diane Sayler: Director of PR Agency: Grey Diana Gay: VP Producer Eric Segal: ECD Brian Platt: CD Brett Mackechnie: SVP Account Director Kara DeBuona: AE Scott Cohen: AAE Production: Rooster Saxon Eldridge: Executive Producer Sebastian Eldridge: Executive Producer Robert Gilbert: Director/DP Jordan Tarazi: 1st AD Kaitlin Del Campo: Production Manager Production Coordinator: Melanie Ganim Coordinator Intern: Sonny Rothstadt