Mike's hard Lemonade "Bitty-Q" (2014) :15 (USA)


Mike's hard Lemonade "Bitty-Q" (2014) :15 (USA)

Continuing the theme of Life Hacks, Mike's Hard Lemonade's MikeHacks gets inventive by making a tiny hot-dog-for-one "Bitty-Q" out of an empty can. Maybe they'll show us how to make a bong, next.

Client: Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Senior Director, Marketing Activation: Sanjiv Gajiwala
Brand Manager: Anya Dange
Agency: TRIS3CT
Senior Producer: Steven Anderson
Creative Director: Dave Wasserman
Senior Copywriter: Ben Ruggiero
Art Director: Danny O'Connor
Account Director: Aleksa Westwater

Production Company: Über Content
Director: Daniel Strange
Owner/Exec. Producer: Phyllis Koenig
Owner/Exec. Producer: Preston Lee
Executive Producer: Steve Wi


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