You've heard of Life Hacks, right? Well this campaign for Mike's Hard Lemonade reimagines that concept to suit its own needs. In this spot, we see a hipster dude wearing floods carrying his case of Mike's Hard Lemonade. An off camera crowd of backyard party goers instructs him not to put the beverage into one of several coolers on hand, but to put the beverage where it belongs-- in a tricked out fountain, created especially for it. For some reason it reminds me of something Bud Light would do.
If you want even more Mike Hacks, head on over to their tumblr site.

Client: Mike’s Hard Lemonade Senior Director, Marketing Activation: Sanjiv Gajiwala Brand Manager: Anya Dange Agency: TRIS3CT Senior Producer: Steven Anderson Creative Director: Dave Wasserman Senior Copywriter: Ben Ruggiero Art Director: Danny O'Connor Account Director: Aleksa Westwater Production Company: Über Content Director: Daniel Strange Owner/Exec. Producer: Phyllis Koenig Owner/Exec. Producer: Preston Lee Executive Producer: Steve Wi

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