The Fourth of July should be a celebration in America. But for Vets who suffer from PTSD, the fireworks exploding put them right back on the front lines. Area 23, an FCB Health Company decided to do something about that. They created Speaking Fireworks, a headphone system that uses audio-interference technology that will hopefully allow American war veterans with PTSD to enjoy the fireworks without the side effects.
Very cool idea that literally intercepts the explosion sounds and instead replaces it with statements of gratitude-- statements that have been crowdsourced and can be recorded by the public on So far it's only a working prototype which they hope to manufacture soon. The partnership will be joining with Global Giving to crowdsource different stages of the project. I hope they will focus group the vets to see what they really want to hear as well. The reason I say this is because most of the vets I know are extremely humble. I'd be surprised if many would want to hear a twenty-minute thank you session.

Creative Agency: Area 23, an FCB Health Company Executive Creative Director: Tim Hawkey VP/Creative Directors: Bernardo Romero, Jesse Kates VP/Associate Creative Director: Ronnie Caltabiano Copywriter: Tim Hawkey, Jesse Kates Art Director: Bernardo Romero Designer: Bernardo Romero Director: Stefano Ferrari Executive Producer: Anna Lopez Video/Sound editing: Ronnie Caltabiano Technology/Development: BizSys Colorist: Out of the blue Sounds Design and Mix: Sonido

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