As I told readers of brandflakes, political commercials aren't as widespread around these parts as they are in the US. We don't have coroners "Igor" ads when they're fighting for re-elaction, nor do we get Mayor candidates doing the reverse reading trick in their ads.

We do get cinema ads, and this year all parties have decided to do a little bit of TV. Miljöpartiet (the green party) doesn't have a huge budget, and hope this ad will spread virally. In it the party leader VO's a simple statement: All around us are people who do things for the environment. Isn't it time we got a government who did the same?
Since we don't have a two-party system, the green party would join a coalition with the Social democrats and the Left Party (formerly known as the communist party), and not all environmentally conscious people like that combination, lovingly dubbed in the press "the red-green mess".

Still, pretty understated for a political ad, right?

Copywriter: Frida Omsén Art Director: Lars Lengquist Production : Atmosfär Director & Photography: Jörgen Lööf & Nikita Kronlund Producer: Pelle Ohrgren Music: Adam Nordén Post production: Stopp Sound design: Janne Andersson/Housework

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