This is not a purse, this is a carry-all.

Client: MillerCoors Spots Title: Carry-All (featured), Skirt (featured), Panties, Antique, Lower Back Tattoo Air Date: April 2010 Agency: Draftfcb Group CD: Chuck Rudnick Art Director: Gordon Sang Copywriter: Brian Siedband Agency EP: Rob Farber Prod Company: Tool of North America Director: Erich Joiner DP: Bob Richardson Tool EP: Brian Latt Tool EP Digital: Dustin Callif Tool Line Producer: Joby Ochnser Editorial: Spotwelders Editor(s): Dick Gordon, Dan Maloney Telecine: Michael Masur Post/Effects: Filmworkers Lead VFX/Inferno Artist: Rob Churhull Music: Emoto Music Sound Design: CRC Sound Designer: Mark Ruff Audio Post Company: CRC Audio Post Mixer: Mark Ruff Shoot Location: LA

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