I can see how they reached this idea. Abby Wambach. Hottest retiring sports celebrity right now, she's a six-time winner of the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year award, two-time Olympic gold medalist and to crown it all she won the FIFA Women's World Cup champion in 2015 before she hung up her boots. She's hotter then lava right now. And Mini, that quirky little car, has found that the mini-lovers are individualists. People who like to add to their cars, be it the union jack on their rear view mirrors or racing stripes on their hood. People who like to be a little different. The "this car is so me" crowd.
So here we are, with a 90 second pep-talk about labels, shared by a sportswoman who has heard everything from "butch" to "dyke" thrown her way, and how Abby didn't care to listen because Abby knew to love herself and be who she was. She wraps this talk up nicely with a line that sounds like it's straight out of a planners doc; "Everything that you do is a statement about who you are." This ad series may work very well online and mixed TV channels, but is this a Super Bowl ad worthy moment? A celebrity sports talking head ad, without a single shot of the car? We'll see.

Client: Mini USA

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    Jason Fox (not verified)

    Ignoring the spot for a moment (which is easy to do because it's rather forgettable in its rehashed platitudes), the real problem with Mini is that it hasn't evolved its product in any real, meaningful way since it launched way back when (and with a brilliant campaign, to boot). Its interior is still a bit garish, its reliability suspect, and its been surpassed by its primary competitors like the GTI (disclosure: I own one), the Focus ST, and their ilk. Especially when you compare sticker prices. Advertising can only do so much, folks. If you want another Mini revolution, you have to at least evolve the product.

    Jan 20, 2016

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