Miracle of life / Lost Sperm - (2005) :60 (Norway)

Sender withheld from headline as to not spoil the punchline. First mentioned here June 16, 2005

I feel so bad for the little guy....

Ad agency: Kitchen, Oslo Client: Europride - Oslo Gay Festival 2005
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left me damn near speechless.

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you know you love it. admit it. you love it.

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Love it indeed. I hadn't seen it before and I was doing, as we always do, second-guessing the ending. And when it came - huge smiles. It is the classic "Smile in the mind" where they create the gap and credit you with the intelligence to work it out for yourself. Hats off to the creatives.

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You know, when I first saw it, I felt really sorry for that poor widdle spermatoza. *snif* He was winning the race man.

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Such a softie, empathy for a sperm.

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This is absolute genius.