Mitsubishi of Canada has just launched a new economy car called the Mirage that gets a whopping 64MPG and comes in at under 13K.

With that kind of mileage you'll have a lot of dough let over. How much dough? Enough to have the spot's punchline.

Client: Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada
Agency: john st
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker / Stephen Jurisic
Creative Directors: Chris Hirsch / Nellie Kim
Writer: Chris Hirsch
Art Director: Nellie Kim
Agency Producer: Dale Giffen
Account Service: Ian Brooks/Sarah Frackowiak/Ali Williams
Brand planning: Megan Towers
Director: Brian Aldrich
Production Company: Soft Citizen
Exec Producer: Eva Preger/Link York/Andrea Hubert
Head of Production: Rob Burns
Line Producer: Erik Wilson
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Editorial (Editor, Editorial company): Ross Birchall of Bijou Editorial
Audio House: Vapor Music
French Adaptation: Headspace

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