Our pal the Lambassador Sam Kekovich is back and he's coming for your kids now, teaching the next generation to eat lam on Australia day. This is the pressing duty of every Aussie parent, "Like you, Sir" he manages to say to a short haired woman who is not a sir at all. Undeterred Sam Kekovich keeps handing out lamb chop balloons, and continues: "If you don't have sprogs of your own, then teach someone elses how it's done" as he hands a vegan hippie child their first lamb chop. Marching through a hipster BBQ where tofu is being served Sam explains, "Because we want those little cherubs to grow big and strong, to find out Australianism" and just as he's said that a twenty foot toddler tramples the hipster BBQ down. It's not an Australia Day Lamb ad without jibes against vegans & hipsters, the flavour of the day and anything that's not an Australian classic tradition. You eat lamb on Australia day, it makes sense.

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Client: Meat and Livestock Association Agency: The Monkeys Executive Creative Director/Writer: Scott Nowell Managing Director: Matt Michael

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