This case study from BBDO Moscow might be a tad long, but it's entertaining. The problem to solve is simple, when Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) launched their hi-speed 4G network in 2013 the main challenge MTS faced was that people didn’t have a clue about the speed advantage of 4G Internet over 3G. They needed to show them the advantage. The place to do this was on large cinema screen, with a captive audience. On each cinema ticket was a red dot that read "4G". On the screen they saw a red dot that read "3G". They used a really simple optical illusion to make people "see" the difference between the speeds. That trick is old, but done right - like on a huge cinema screen with flying red dots - it can be very impressive.

BBDO Russia Group (Agency) Nikolay Megvelidze, Creative Director Alexey Starodubov, Creative Group Head / Director / Editor Vladlena Obukhova, Group Account Director Luiza Vasyutina, Account Manager Boris Anisonyan, Head of TV Production Valery Gorokhov, Producer Nikita Nikiforov, Strategic Planning Manager Igor Medvedev, Music Producer “Mobile TeleSystems” (Client) Natalia Glagoleva, Director of Marketing communications department Maria Yakovleva, Head of Marketing communications department Andrey Slepchenko, Head of Marketing communications group Anastasia Popova, Marketing communications manager Alexandra Osina, Media manager Julia Kulbatskaya, Non-standard projects manager Nenashev TM (CGI Studio) Anton Nenashev, Creative Director Vitaly Yakin, CGI Supervisor FreeParking (Production) Eugenia Opelyanc, DOP Maria Yakushina, Producer Andrey Grishin, Head of Production group BMA (sound production) Roman Morozov, Sound design