For a while there Moe's Southwest Grill focused on food porn. But not just any kind of food porn. Willy Wonka-style food porn. The kind that creates waterfalls of lime juice. Then they started getting even more creative, by making a guitar our of tortilla chips.
Now they've outdone themselves, in a super aggro spot that denounces microwaves. "Microwaves have their place," the ad tells us. "Just not in our restaurants." To make this abundantly clear to any and all viewers, they underscore the point by dragging a microwave from the back of a trunk ( I like to imagine they stole it) and loading it into a helicopter and flying way high up and dropping the damn thing from a great height until it lands and breaks in a million little pieces. As fi that weren't enough, they added a little cherry on top to prove their food is fresh and never frozen-- by blowing up a freezer. Man, this must have been one hell of a shoot day. There's a twelve year old inside of me that's hella jealous.
I have to hand it to Moe's. While other brands tout freshness by showing a chef's knife slicing through onions, they actually went ahead and did something creative. Kudos to them.

Client: Moe’s Southwest Grill Executive Creative Director: Jon Gordon Creative Director/Copywriter: Brandon Friedman Art Director: David Taylor Copywriter: David Dulock Producer: Matt Genne DP: David Taylor Cameramen: Ross Gibson, Brett May Drone: Anthony Felder Editor: Eddie Kesler, Beast, Atlanta Colorist: Justin White, CO3, Atlanta Sound Design: Gopal Swamy, Acoustech, Atlanta VP of Global Marketing, Moe’s: Dominic Losacco