Molson Canadian - The Beer Fridge (2013) (Canada)


Molson Canadian - The Beer Fridge (2013) (Canada)

It's been over ten years since the man ranted I am Canadian before the rantastic actor dashed off to the USA, as he is whatever for pay, and then I badlanded it all when Australia put prawns on the barbie and beets on their burgers because holy crap I've been doing this for too long. What year is it? This isn't my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife....

Now Molson Canadian decided to revive that classic line: I am Canadian, and cleverly exploit the backpacking Canadians around the world who are so easy to spot with their proudly displayed maple-leaf flag.

Bright red fridges were dumped in Dover, Brussels, London and random fields in France. These fridges could only be opened by scanning a Canadian Passport. Cue everyone in the village square chasing down backpackers for potential beer!

We still love William Shatner's version of the rant, which we keep here.


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