This PSA is making waves in Canada as part of a new campaign to demand action from Canada’s Prime Minister at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. I hate to say that kids joining en masse in demonstrations reminds me of the punk-soundtracked ad for KPA Pension stop talking, but there you go, it does. Not surprising that the same thought forms the base-idea for two ads, after all there is an old saying that we only borrow the earth from our children.

Environmental Defence Canada and ForestEthics, two of Canada’s most active environmental groups, have partnered to launch Moms Against Climate Change, a campaign to demand change at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen this December. The initiative is supported by a powerful marketing campaign created by communications company zig, which includes a robust web site and television and online public service announcements.
“If we are going to get the action we need from our government in Ottawa, we need Canadians to start feeling global warming as an emotional, personal issue, and not just an intellectual one. This is what we asked zig to help us do,” said Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director, Environmental Defence Canada.
“Moms across Canada care passionately about their children, children who are set to inherit the worst impacts of climate change,” said Gillian McEachern of ForestEthics. “When moms use their voting power for stronger climate laws, they become a force government has to listen to.”
Moms Against Climate Change presents global warming in a compelling and relevant way, to reach beyond the scientific audience and speak directly to parents, to their emotions and their fundamental desire to protect their children. The initiative empowers parents by giving them the chance to make their children proud. The message is simple: tell our leaders to take tough action on global warming now.
Client: Environmental Defence Canada, ForestEthics Brand: Moms Against Climate Change (Environmental Defence Canada & ForestEthics) Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais Art Director: Briony Wilson Copywriter: Lorraine Tao Planner: Mark Aronson Project Manager: Naomi Olsen Agency Producer: Karen Blazer Producer: Tara Handley Executive Producer: Geoff Cornish, Michi Lepik-Stahl Production House: Suneeva Director: Shelley Lewis Editing House: Relish Editing Editor: Antti Kulmala Photographer: Eden Robbins Music Company: RMW Music

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