Let's face it - if insurance is boring, then a price comparison site is even more deady dull. It's the place you go to compare the prices of things you'd rather not buy. Home insurance. Car insurance. Travel insur... yawwwwn. For most people, they'd rather have an ingrowing toenair removed and let me tell you first hand that it's not a wonderfully pleasant experience.

In order to differentiate themselves from each other, UK price comparison sites are currently competing for the most zany and weird ads. Compare The Market is in what feels like the second decade of their "Compare The Meerkat" storyline*, Confused.com has a naive Johnny Five robot called Brian, and MoneySuperMarket now has a twirking office worker called Dave.

Narrated by and featuring Sharon Osbourne, those who watch the X Factor are likely to have a 'right laff' while watching this 'dead funny' ad. Personally, it's not to my individual taste, but I'm a cultural elitist who once read a Dostoyevsky novel. If you're going for mass appeal with a pinch of crossdressing thrown in for good measure, then sure - why not. Shake your booty all the way to the bank.

*Baby Oleg is currently living in Africa with stripy pajama horse.