What do you get if you throw together Epic Strut Dave, with Epic Builder Colin and Gary the body guard who seems to be made of rubber? You get an Epic fail. Amusing as the dancing is, and I do love how Gary pops up (pun intended) from behind pillars like in a classic cartoon, and then vanishes just as quick, I doubt this will sell anything. It will get talked about though, as all the other ads did, and we all know there's a "love it" and a "hate it" camp for this campaign, thankfully no "meh" camp. So, well done again, Mother. I guess. Will we get countless new articles contemplating the possible sexism in Dave's gender bending again? By the way, the Epic Strut Dave ad got over 1500 complaints in the UK. I, for one, am actually really impressed that Dave can move like that in those heels. Good for you, Dave.

Ad Agency: Mother