To prove how irresistible Montana's Cookhouse Best Of Barbecue sampler is, they hired an actor to go around Toronto and see if he could barter goods and services with his meat.
{Insert pervy joke here}

In exchange for BBQ, the dude got a psychic reading, a manicure, tried yoga, took an MMA lesson, prettified himself with a manicure and some skin care products, got a new paid of shoes, a haircut, a bouquet of flowers, an area rug, a massage...and the dude even got a tattoo.

That must be some damn good barbecue. At least for the Torontonians. I wonder if that stunt would work if you took your ass down to Texas or Tennessee and see if you can get a pair of cowboy boots or a ticket to Graceland for some of your ribs. My guess is they'd ride you out of town before sundown, son.

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