- Do amazing challenges for amazing causes - (2013) Israel - Do amazing challenges for amazing causes - (2013) Israel

Here's an interesting idea, what if your friends challenged you.. to a truth or dare sort of thing, but actually put up money for it and would donate that sum to charity if you did whatever was requested? Jump over hells angel bikes! Jump out of a sewer dressed like a ninja turtle. Do your gym-hour jogging in a supermarkets check-out treadmill. Etc. It's only at the very end that the most obviously challenge finally appears: attractive lady flash a crowd. Ho-hum. That said isn't a half-bad idea if it will take off.

MooltaProduction Agency: Zoochosis

CEO: Noam Schwartz

VP Marketing: Alon Porat

Creative Director: Sagi Shrieber

Music: Adam Ben Ezra


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