More 4 - The Shining (back stage) - (2008) :65 (UK)


More 4 - The Shining (back stage) - (2008) :65 (UK)

Created by Channel 4 Creative Services, London, this Kubrick homage is full of "the Shining" character lookalikes.

Brett Foraker, Creative Director
Shananne Lane, Producer
Louise Oliver, Producer
Director: Siri Bunford
DoP: Alex Barber
Production Company: Channel 4 Creative Services, London
Producer, post: Louisa Cartwright-Tucker
Post: MPC
FX Supervisor: Nick Bennett
VFX Team: Dan Adams, Ryan Knowles
Telecine: Mark Horrobin



I've seen "The Shining" quite a while ago. It wasn't until this ad that I noticed the room number 237. Which, according to Google, is the room where the nasty stuff is.

And 237 is also my house number. That explains a lot, really.

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