Death is a hapless schmuck trying to live the Middle American Dream and earn enough to a classy car, er hearse in this music video for Mastodon's new track "Show Yourself." It's pretty freaking hilarious send up of Glengarry Glen Ross. The best and silliest moment is the way in which Death succeeds in killing all of Mastodon as they drive by on their tour bus. The track is pretty riff heavy, too.

Credits: Artist: Mastodon Track: Show Yourself Label: Reprise Records Management: RSE Group Production Company: The Uprising Creative Producer: Kelsey Gilchrist Director: Robert Schober Editor: Robert Schober Dir. of Photography: Scott Toler Collins Production Designer: John Richoux Art Director: Theodore Zaleski SFX Makeup Artist: Juli Hapney Wardrobe: Michael Yale Lead Reaper: Sean Hartman Woman Who Escapes Death: Gwen Van Dam Man Who Cheats Death: Chuck Lacey Reaper Boss: Mark McClain Wilson Lead Reaper’s Wife: Zandy Hartig Street Vendor: Brian Posehn Receptionist: Karen Teliha Band Look-A-Likes: Morgan Gillio, Igor Sopena, Marc Thomas King, Buck Baller Reapers: Max Bogner, Micah Fitzgerald, Phillip Walker, Paul Markham