Over 3000 trucks cross the border into Norway every day. Many come from Eastern Europe, especially Poland, where the road conditions and regulations are different. As a result they are more likely to get into an accident. This problem has been ongoing for a while. Norway has had a difficult time in solving it. So Norway thought, if you won't listen to us, you'll listen to your mother. Enter Polish truck driver Lukasz Gorzynik and his mother, Anna Gorzynik, who acts as backseat driver the entire way from Poland to Norway. Beautifully filmed, this. Although it suffers from the length. Two minutes would have been plenty.

Mother Presents is a large scale initiative funded by several companies an organizations including NHO Transport, YRKES Trafikk Forbundet, Logistikk og Transport and more.

Client: Mother Presents Agency: Geelmuyden Kiese Client Director: Geir Ove Harnes Project Manager: Celine Gran Copywriters: Trygve Andreas Tønnessen, Morten Borgestad and Sarah Willoch Advisor: Nina Schage Graphic Designers: Hanne Årsnes and Viktor Myhre Sakshaug Web Designer: Bjørn Kalberg Salte Community Manager: Paal Nygård Production company: Bacon Director: Tarik Saleh Producer: Ola Narum Berg/Magne Lyngner Photo: Daniel Voldheim/Marianne Bakke Editor: Marcus Kryler Grade: Julien Alary Lead Audio: Christian Schaaning Online: Andrew Highton Post producer: Øystein Dyb Music: Grzegorz Turnau & Magda Umer - Bajka Iskierki Media Partner: Be On/AOL