In the united states this is a Mt Dew ad - in Europe this is a Pepsi Max ad. Either way, this is a groovy cover of "Thank heaven for little girls", while some ladies rollerblade pulled by helicopters, snowboard down Mt Everest and are generally adrenaline junkies.

Ad agency: BBDO

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    This'll confuse the europeans - hey look it's pepsi Max! .. as we get the superimposed Pepsi cans... hehehe.

    I love the song in this ad and am totally appalled they had to cover it up with that inane screaming - which only worked in the first Dew ad...

    also in europe, the lips at the end are pepsi's blue and red - not spelling out mt. dew - the post production houses loved this campaign. I secretly hate it in europe - but thats probably because I like the dew and don't like pepsi...

    Feb 10, 2003
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    ... oh - well it's not just that - I actually think the line in the Dew ads works better too. Case in point - first Dew ad "been there - done that - doing it tomorrow" nicely wrapped up with you haven't done nuthing until you do diet Dew.

    Same ad in Europe: "been there Done that - Doing it tomorrow." line: "Live life to the Maxx."


    Feb 10, 2003
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    AdFan (not verified)

    These ads are great.

    Nov 04, 2015

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