Colonel Meow (Not to be confused with Chairman Meow) stars in this delightfully cheesy and over the top video to promote the new movie trivia app, MovieCat2.

Agency: Draftfcb Seattle/SF Client: OtherWise Games CD: Matt Gilmore CD: Leif Allen Copywriter: Josie Keeney Art Director: Peter West Producers: Leif Allen, Matt Gilmore Music Composition: Steve Andrews Sound Design: HEARby Sound Sound Engineer: John Buroker VO: Glenn Rockowitz VFX: Straightface Studios Directors: Guy Paquin, Jessica Aceti Producer: Beckie Kelly Executive Producer: Don Lange Animators: Torin Kovach, Asa Pefferman, Carina Simmons, Adrien Lee Compositor: Gavin Greenwalt

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