Created by Grey Singapore, this digital activation seeks to help Australia find some of the 38,000 people who go missing every year there, which is one every fifteen minutes. The Missing Persons Advocacy Network asked some prominent Australian businesses to donate their website search bars so that when people scrolled over them, a banner ad featuring the face of a missing person and number to call if you have info, would pop up.

I guess it's too soon to tell if this has had any success as this case study video simply stops at the "here's what we did," portion so I can't really call it a solution to a problem. As and idea, it's conceptually valid but as jaded as this makes me sound, I can't help but take an objective look at it and say, regardless of the search bar, all you did was create some banner ads featuring missing people on it, which you could have easily placed as regular ads in say, The Herald Sun or The Australian. It's not really different from putting names and faces on milk cartons like they used to, because they know thats where eyeballs are. I'd love ot believe the people who made this would think that finding missing people is the award. If it was made to win awards, (and it is award show seasons) then it's not worth it.

MPAN: CEO and Founder: Loren O’Keeffe Agency: Grey Group Singapore: Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz Associate Creative Director: Cinzia Crociani/ Sudhir Pasumarty Head of Design: Sudhir Pasumarty Creative Technologist: Sandeep Bhardwaj Senior Copywriter: Karn Singh Senior Developer: Balasubramaniyan Suruliraj Account Manager: Amanda Rendell Senior Account Manager: Madina Kalyayeva Planner: Sashi Kumar Regional Director, PR & Corporate Communications: Huma Qureshi Regional Corporate Communications Executive: Yanrong Pang PR: SenateSHJ: Senior Client Executive: Julian Liston Partner and Head of Change: Angela Scaffidi Video Production: Greyworks: Producer: Harie Herman Editor: Pauline Toh The Gunnery: Executive Producer: Azmi Jaffar Voice Over Artist / Audio Engineer: Evan Roberts