This is the dinner where Dad tells Mary, Sara, Emily, Josh, Gideon, James, Sam, Michael... and Honey the big news. They're surprised alright.

Why this strategy? “They’re not the ones launching new sandwiches every week with 18 words in the name,” he said. “They’re reliable and consistent.”

Though Mr. Sub has high awareness levels, “it takes more than a loaf of bread to engage consumers and draw their attention in today’s media environment,” said Chad Borlase, co-creative director, BOS Toronto, of the decision to wait until the end of the spots to use a shot of a sandwich.

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Co-creative director/art director : Chad Borlase
Co-creative director/writer : Gary Watson
Account director : Sébastien Moïse
Account manager/producer : Liz Hooper
Director : Brian Lee Hughes
Production company : OPC, Toronto
Executive producer : Harland Weiss
Producer : Donovan Boden
Director of photography : Tico Poulakakis
Editorial : Brian Wells School Editing, Toronto
Transfer house : Notch
Music : Ted Rosnick, RMW, Toronto


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