BBDO Russia Group for MTS created this "Cheating Radio" ad for MTS 4G Internet promotion. Like most other places on earth Russia has laws about certain types of ads needing to have a disclaimer at the end, and while they may not have the RACV Car Loans - Disclaimer Guy, they do often end up with a super-speeded voice reading as fast as possible at the end, making some of it sound like helium-speeded squirrels.

BBDO Russia Group and MTS bought the shortest available duration for the spots on the radio and “tailed” such adverts with its own speeded message: “4G Internet by MTS - super-fast Internet. You can’t tell people about it faster.” Mocking how the disclaimers already sound, and using that to make a point. Very funny, and very smart use of advertising creativity tailored to the media where it resides. In other news, Moscow looks like Stockholm on Steroids, right down to the old-school subway trains and the bombastic subway stations. Remind me to visit.

MTS Head of Marketing Communications Department — Maria Yakovleva Marketing Communications Director — Natalya Glagoleva Marketing Communications Department Group Head — Yaroslav Smirnov BBDO Russia Group Chief Creative Director — Nikolay Megvelidze Deputy Creative Director — Alexey Starodubov Managing Director — Vlada Obukhova Senior Account Manager — Luiza Vasyutina Strategic Planning Manager — Nikita Nikiforov Business Development Manager — Boris Sorokin TV Production Studio Director — Kirill Kulygin Senior TV Studio Manager — Andrey Belov