Mobile Telesystems wanted to get the word out about their 4G speed being superior for mobile internet browsing. They did so in a way that attracted a lot of attention. They asked well known hot Russian models to post photos on their Instagram feed and hashtag it with words like #oily #hot #naked, #experimenting etc.

The only problem was, the ads were stuck in a perpetual state of near-download. Two hours later, after enough exasperated comments flooded in, MTS uploaded a video featuring a 4G ad, explaining the trick, and telling people to switch to 4G.

Whereupon, a few million sexually frustrated and very pissed off Russians promptly dropped MTS and switched to a competitor.

Okay, I made that last bit up, but I wouldn't be surprised. Very nice prank from BBDO Russia.

BDO Russia Group (Agency) Nikolay Megvelidze, creative director Alexey Starodubov, creative group head / director / editor Vladlena Obukhova, group account director Luiza Vasyutina, account manager Boris Anisonyan, head of tv production Valery Gorokhov, producer Kristina Malberg, celebrities producer (TMA) Ekaterina Komolova, managing director (TMA) Alexander Lubavin, art-director / composer Elina Yaroslavskaya, digital account director “Mobile Telesystems” (Client) Natalia Glagoleva, director of marketing communications department Maria Yakovleva, head of marketing communications department Yaroslav Smirnov, head of marketing communications group Anastasia Terekhova, marketing communications manager Valery Kopytin, marketing communications manager FreeParking (Production) Alexander Polishuk, DOP Maria Yakushina, producer Andrey Rubtsov, head of production group

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    Can we give this case study some sort of award? I love the blowdryer and flower!

    Jun 02, 2014

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