"Bubblegum Love", a 20-second animated film created by Blacklist repped David Lobser, is jam-packed with cute, sensual and playful imagery and tells the story of a teenage girl discovering love for the first time.

The brief from MTV International was to create a piece that was cute and sexy at the same time and expressed the emotions of first love. "Cute and sexy is easy," says David Lobser, "they go to together like chips and dip. The tricky part was finding the right balance, so I channeled a little bit of Betty Boop, as she is a great example of a sophisticated, charming, sexy, intelligent, fun and cute female character."

The end result is a spot that's very tactile and contains images to arouse the viewer's imagination; butterflies in the stomach, 'splashroom' plants, heart butt birds and squirting volcanoes.

“We needed to grapple with how much the performance of the character would carry the piece vs. how much the imagery would, and how obvious that imagery should be,” says Lobser. “Given the brevity of the piece, it was important to hammer the concept and not beat around the bush too much while maintaining a naive and playful unselfconscious sensibility. Imagine puberty is a planet and this short animation was their first broadcast - it's cute and a little dirty.”

“We felt that both David Lobser and Blacklist’s work perfectly compliment the values we were trying to express and we were very excited that they agreed to work with us on our Bubblegum Love ident,” commented Roberto Bagatti, Vice President, MTV World Design Studio Milan and Creative Director, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN). “MTV is committed to showcasing original and fresh creative and it’s clear that David and Blacklist have done an extraordinary job with this ident – we’re really looking forward to seeing this air across our international network of MTV channels.”

“Bubblegum Love” began airing on MTV worldwide on July 1st during programs such as Hard Times of RJ Berger, Jersey Shore, 16 & Pregnant and Plain Jane.

MTV World Design Studio Milan Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti Associate Creative Director: Anna Caregnato Art Director: Carlos Carrasco Producer: Cristina Mazzocca Production Company: Blacklist Director: David Lobser Executive Producer: Adina Sales Producer: Rachel Walchak Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert Animation Studio: HiFi 3D Executive Producer & CG Supervisor: Jon Dorfman Executive Producer & CG Supervisor: Szymon Weglarski Lead Character Animation: Michael Sime Additional Animation: Jon Dorfman Lead 3D Modeler: Jon Dorfman Additional 3D Modeling: Kzysztof Fus, David Lobser Lead Rigger: Jon Dorfman Additional Rigging: Krzysztof Fus Lead Lighting/Surfacing/Compositing: Szymon Weglarski Additional Lighting/Surfacing/Composting: David Lobser Dynamics/Fluid Simulation: Jon Dorfman, David Lobser Previs: Szymon Weglarski Sound Design: Music composed by: Alan Boorman

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